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Dog training video features

Get fit with your dog
Dogs make the best fitness buddies – try these exercises »

Bonding with your dog
Top trainer Dima Yeremenko shows you the hand-feeding way »

Looking For You

Looking For You

Battersea Dogs Home

Looking For You, which took place at Westfield Stratford City in London, was...

Motivational games with your dog

Motivational games with your dog

Joanna Hill

This extract from The Motivation Movie DVD by Joanna Hill shows you how to...

Put the toys away

Put the toys away

Donna Hill

This is a `trick` that service dogs may learn. Putting toys away may be a cute...



Jess Bell

AKA the most adorable trick in the world! How to teach your dog to hug,...

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Whatever the age of your dog, from very young pup to older hound, you will both enjoy the process of teaching new tricks. Taught well, all training should be fun 'tricks' for your dog to learn. Visit Clickety Clips tricks section for ideas and help with teaching very simple tricks and guidance on how to progress to far more complex tricks and routines.

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